Best Payout Online Casinos UK 2020

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Best Payout Online Casinos in the UK

When looking for the biggest payout online casino in the UK, there are certain things that you need to consider. Of all the critical factors to look out for, there is one that matters a lot and is often overlooked – the payout percentage. This is an integral part of an online casino, which you need to consider highly. You need to choose an online casino that has a significant amount of payout percentage. Luckily, this guide will help you determine that quickly. Also, you will easily find the best payout online casinos and how you can seamlessly locate them.

What is a casino payout percentage?

Now that it is clear how important this is, what is a payout percentage in regards to a casino? Well, in the online casino space, a payout percentage refers to individual casinos or a return to player of specific games. It is a rate that indicates, on average, how much money a casino will pay you back as a player. But this is in relation to the amount that players wager in the same casino.
In some cases, a payout percentage refers to the theoretical payout return gained from a specific game. It is the number of payouts that a casino game returns to the player after several spins. Table games tend to have the highest payout percentage when compared to other games. On the other hand, video games have the lowest payout percentages. But this is different in online casinos, as they can go as high as 99%. Most casino players search for the best paying slots, which we cover later on in the text.
To avoid any wrong or misleading percentages, the rates are calculated by leading firms such as eCogra. Some of the casinos whose rates are calculated to opt to publish them on their websites. The percentages are not constant for casinos, as they keep on fluctuating monthly. The primary basis of the rates is whether or not a casino has paid out a jackpot win.

What are the best payout casino slots?

To determine the best payout casino online, it is imperative to look at the payout amounts. And this is determined by the kind of games present at the casino. The casinos that have the best slot payouts, typically offer the best online casino payouts. There are other factors present, which also help to boost the payout rate. Some of these factors include the following; rewards, bonuses and other promotions. Note that the best paying slots naturally have an RTP of above 96%. Based on the official payout rate, here is a list of the top highest paying online slots today:

Mega joker – up to 99%

This is a slot from Netent that offers an incredibly high RTP. In a situation where you bet a max bet of 10 coins, then it goes between 89.1%-99%. In super meter mode, you get to have a higher payout.

1429 unchartered seas – 98.6%

Thunderkick is the proud owner of this aesthetically pleasing slot. Its popularity emanates from the fact that it has a high RTP.3. Blood suckers – 98%
This is another slot from Netent, that has vampires as the primary focus. Aside from it having incredibly special features, it also has a high RTP. It has bonus games, scatter pays, substitutions, and free spins.

Starmania – 97.87%

Nextgen is the brilliant creator of the Starmania slot. It is an incredible slot game that permits you to look at the stars as you wait to win money. When you spot different constellations, you get the chance to win cash or prizes. There is also a wild star bonus, gamble feature and free games feature.

Kings of Chicago – 97.8%

This is yet another slot from Netent that features poker symbols. You will get the best payouts in the business by only getting the right combinations. You also have the opportunity to maximize bonus free spins.

Devil’s delight – 97.8%

It takes players to hell with a handsome payout of 97.8%. It has an incredible hellish theme that will inspire you to play on. There is a maximum overall jackpot that amounts to about 20.000 coins at once.

Jack hammer 2 – 97.1%

Netent seems to control the slots in this list, as this is another one from the brilliant creators. It has a crime theme and is adventurous to play. It has 99 bet lines, and this implies more ways of winning.

Wagering and online casino payouts

When you are looking for the best UK payout online casinos, you need to decide on the games you will play, when to do so and how to play. Also, you need to consider the wagering requirements of that specific casino.
So, what are the wagering requirements? These are the conditions that you need to meet to withdraw any of your winnings associated with a bonus deal. All of the bonuses have distinct terms and conditions. Therefore, a wagering requirement can also be defined as a multiplier that shows the number of times you need to play through a bonus before you get the chance of withdrawing your wins. You, thus, need to complete the wagering requirement for the premium you have.
It is essential to learn about the wagering requirements of a specific casino before you go any further. Depending on the bonus you have or the game you are playing, you need to check first for these requirements. After all, it directly affects how you play and withdraw your cash. For the best returns, you need to pick the casino or slot with the lowest wagering requirements. This information is clearly outlined on their websites if you need to check.

Online Casinos and slots payout FAQ

As a player, you have probably had a few questions at some point about online casinos and the slot payouts. The following are some of the frequently asked questions relating to online casinos:

What is the house edge?

In case you never knew it before, online casinos have their cut in your winnings. This is after they have paid you as a player. The house edge is that cut made by the casino. The highest payout online casino is the one that has the least house edge. This means that it leaves more money for the players. It is calculated as an average.

What is the average payout of a slot machine?

The payouts for slots are determined by the producers of the game. They are later run by the number of generator chips in machines. They usually start from 96% to 99%. The best paying online slots are determined by a protected code.

What casino game has the highest payout?

Remember, the highest payout has a direct relationship with the lowest house edge. Therefore, the classic Texas Hold’em poker, which has a low house edge of 0.5%, has the highest payout. Generally, table games such as this one tend to have the highest payouts.

Can you win money with online casinos?

Yes, you can. If you place bets and play appropriately, you have the chance to win huge sums of money. However, you can also play games for free without necessarily betting.

What is RTP?

Return to player, or otherwise abbreviated as RTP, is the return that players get from an online casino game. Mostly, this is over a long time and across large bets. It is typically expressed as a percentage.

Which casino game is easiest to win?

The blackjack single deck is the easiest to win. It is equally easy to play and has straightforward features for playing.

What is the highest payout online casino?

At the casino level, you need to check the RTP to determine the best payout online casino. At the moment, Dunder casino has the best payouts, and is, therefore, the best payout online casino.

Casino game with the highest payout

Classic Texas Hold’em poker has the highest payout. It is a table game that is equally very interesting to play.

Are online slots worth it?

Ultimately, you can gain a lot using online slots. So, yes, they are worth it. You earn a substantial amount of money.

Final verdict

In summary, we have looked at the best paying online casino UK, and also looked at the best slots. Also, we have handled most of the common FAQs by players. Hopefully, by now, you are now well-versed about online casinos.