What should you Check before Playing an Online Slot?

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Slots are the most played games at most land-based and online casinos. At some online casinos, slots make up 80% of games. Naturally, everyone wants to know how they can beat the house and win.

So, let’s dive right into it. How do you choose the slots you will enjoy and win money? Are there tricks for beating these machines?

Choose High RTP Slots

RTP stands for Return to Player and describes the average percentage of money a machine pays back to gamblers over time. By law, all slots need to payout at least 80% of gambled money. However, they have much higher RTP rates due to competition.

The average online slot pays out 90% or more of wagered money. Some games have up to 99% RTP rates. In light of that information, slots aren’t created equal. Take time to research their numbers so that you know what games to find at casinos and which ones to avoid.

Tip: choose slots with an RTP of 96% or above. These games give you the best chance of winning. They also tend to have bonuses and rewards low-paying machines lack.

 Decide on the Volatility/Variance

The volatility or variance of a slot describes the frequency and generosity of a slot. Against that backdrop, there are three types of machines: low, medium and high variance slots. The first type pays out small amounts frequently. Blood Suckers, Thunderstruck II and 1429 Uncharted Seas are excellent examples of low volatile games.

Medium variance slots produce winners not too often but also not too rarely. Most top-rated slots fall into this category. Indeed, Gonzo’s Quest, Immortal Romance, Cleopatra and Twin Spin—all famous games—are medium variance.

The third option consists of slots people would consider dry or cold. You could play over thirty spins without winning. But when you do, there’s a chance of winning 50x, 100x or even 1000x times your bet.

Examples of high variance slots are Bonanza, Jurassic Park, Book of Dead and Dead or Alive. Sometimes medium volatile slots like Immortal Romance can also be categorized as top variance games depending on who’s judging them.

Tip: Read multiple online slot reviews to get an accurate account of how frequently a slot pays out. Then you can decide whether you want a game that pays you small amounts often or one that can earn you a fortune even if it doesn’t pay out regularly.

Bonus Rounds and what they Provide

Many high paying slots these days come with a bonus round that can amount to irresistible rewards. They could have a progressive jackpot with a grand prize of tens of thousands of millions of pounds. Or they might have free spins and multipliers.

In many cases, free spins and multipliers are what’s most common in bonus rounds. That said, find out how many free spins a slot offers and how to get them. Again, discover how generous its multipliers are. Some games can pay you up to 50,000x your stake, but these are mostly high variance slots.

Tip: avoid slots without free spins or multipliers. If they have these things, read reviews to discover how often they occur. Some games promise you free games and multipliers but they rarely ever appear.

Betting Limits

What’s the minimum you can bet? What’s the maximum? Can you adjust your stakes? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself while evaluating slots. Some games, more so classic slots, have exceedingly small limits.

However, video slots and Megaways allow you to adjust your bets on their paylines with more convenience. That means you can wager small amounts if you have a low budget or you can up your ante when you want to spend more.

Tip: choose slots with high betting limits. That way, you can maximize your stakes and stand to win a lot more money than if you bet pennies. Of course, follow your budget to ensure you don’t overspend in a bid to maximize your profits.

The Game Provider and Casino

There’s a reason why some slots are more famous than others. It could be that they come from a seasoned developed that knows how to create visually impressive and engaging machines. Or it might come from an upcoming provider that’s super-innovative.

With that in mind, find games from top-rated software providers. They are most likely to have the resources and work power required to create incredible games.  Of course, don’t overlook upcoming artists. So, research to find attractive games from small companies as well.

On the flip side, you want to choose slots offered by reliable casinos. That way, you can be sure their website is well-maintained and doesn’t crash when you win. Again, you can be confident they will give you bonuses to play slots and process your payments fast.

Tip: play games from different providers to determine which developers have games you like. Apply the same advice to casinos. After comparing a few operators, you will have a solid understanding of what providers and casinos offer the kind of services and games you like.

Unique Features

Some slots are conspicuously unique. They might support VR. Or they could have 3D slots that provide evocative gaming experience. Consider these features when judging a slot. Crucially, assess how they would benefit you.

For example, a slot that adds an element of skill could be more entertaining compared to standard machines. Take the Seinfield slot as an example. It’s themed after a famous TV show. What’s more, it features a Christmas pole you can shake to win gifts. These features make it much more intriguing that slots with just a few symbols.

Of course, know that machines embellished too much tend to payout poorly. That’s because they are supposed to attract you with their TV show or sports themes, skill-based features and splendid video games. In return, casinos use them to maximize their profits.

Tip: find casinos with innovative features or storylines you like. But ensure they also payout well. That way, you won’t get distracted by their superficial features and end up playing them longer than you should.

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