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Casino bonus is a term used to describe free deposits, free spending money, and free spins when using an online casino. Casino bonuses come in various different guises and are probably the most important thing when choosing an online casino to sign up to. Although different online casinos offer a range of options for customers, it’s usually easy enough to monitor the offers and make an informed decision on what works best for you. Much of the decision will come down to which games you’re most interested in and how one online casino bonus stacks up against another. This article will take you through the important of these casino online bonuses and why you should be paying attention to them. So, let’s get started!

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What are the most popular casino bonuses?

There are various types of casino online bonus available in the marketplace, and these often depend on which casino you choose. Broadly speaking, the most popular online casino bonuses include the following:

  • Free Spins – a free spin is one spin of a reel in a specific game that you do not have to pay for. This means any winnings generally go into your pot and can be used to play the same game or others. The number of free spins will be dictated by the casino.
  • Welcomes Bonus – a welcome bonus is also known as a sign-up bonus or a registration bonus and is an incentive for you to provide your details and set up an account with a certain casino. The bonus itself can come in various forms, whether it be free spins, cash, or deposit matching, for example.
  • Reload Bonus – a reload bonus is a bonus you can sometimes access once you have already used up your welcome bonus. It’s only available to people who have already made deposits with a specific only casino and have generally exhausted their welcome bonus already.
  • Free Money – a free money bonus allows you to play games in the online casino without the need to deposit cash. Monies won by the gambler are usually kept and can be rolled over into other games. Cash can sometimes be withdrawn, depending on the terms and conditions of the casino online bonus.
  • No Deposit Bonuses – A no deposit casino bonus allows you to play the range of games in an online casino without having to deposit and funds of your own. This allows you to try out the games and see if you like them before you sign up or register to make a deposit.

These casino bonuses are typical of pretty much all online casinos. Although they may differ, sometimes substantially, in terms of the value they hold to individual gamblers, they are widespread across the market. Much of the decision making on your part will come down to your favorite types of games and how often you play on your chosen online casino.

How do you obtain Casino Bonus?

Casino bonuses are widely available online, and it’s uncommon NOT to find a raft of offers available at all times. Casino bonuses (including UK casino bonus) will change and expire, depending on the offers, but there are usually always replaced by other offers to keep new players registering and keep existing players spending money and build loyalty with a specific casino. You can research the options online and check them out before making a deposit. Then, once you make a casino selection, you can register with them to give you access to their casino bonus page. This will give you all the latest offers and bonuses you might be eligible for.

What are the most important things to look for in casino bonuses?

There are various things you should check out when you’re considering the range of casino bonuses. First and foremost, these are the SSL and licenses of the site you’re working with. Is the site security tight, and does it have the necessary security to keep you and your money safe? Once you’ve established the security of the site, you should always read the terms and conditions of the casino bonuses very carefully. This will let you know how long the promotion may run, whether it’s a no deposit casino deposit or whether you must deposit cash to access it. It will also tell you how long it runs. The terms and conditions will also let you know what happens to any winnings you have that are as a result of a particular bonus. T&Cs for US bonuses are widely similar to those available for UK casino bonus, so it shouldn’t matter too much where you decide to play.

Can You Cash Out Bonuses?

Definitely! You can cash out the casino bonuses, although, this will depend on the terms and conditions of the company. Often, there is a minimum wagering requirement that you need to bet. For instance, if the wagering requirement is 20x, this means that you must bet 20 times the bonus that you have to be able to cash it out. Some casinos are strict, and they provide a specific duration, such as 30 days, for you to meet the wagering requirements to enjoy the bonus.

Where should you use these casino bonuses?i

Casino bonuses are fun! They give players something for free and help to enhance the overall playing experience. If players are new to the whole online casino bonus game, they can choose to start small and opt for low skill games, such as slots and bingo. These games are beginner friendly. For more advanced players, games like blackjack and poker provide more of a challenge and often have higher stakes and returns. The online casino bonuses you choose will be for specific games, so you can make an informed decision, based on your level of expertise. As your skills and confidence levels grow, you can move on to take advantage of online casino bonuses for other games.

How Can You Compare New Casino Bonuses?

From, you only need to take a quick read of the casino’s description, main features, the games it offers, as well its licensing and regulation, service provider, bonuses they are providing their members, data privacy, and the available banking methods. Surely, you get to have a good understanding of how the casino operates just by referring to our reviews. That way, you also will have enough knowledge on the types of bonuses each casino offers, allowing you to make the most out of your deposit.

Calculating Cost of a New Casino Bonus

Now, to be able to know if you are actually benefiting from the bonus offer of a new casino, you have to calculate the costs that are involved. As they say, there is no such thing as free lunch, right? It is seldom that the casino will give you money without taking anything in return. Often, you need to place your bets first before you can withdraw bonuses or winnings from free spins.
Below are the easy steps on how you can calculate the cost of a new online casino bonus:

  • Determine the deposit amount. This is the amount that you will make as an initial deposit. Often, there is a minimum set by the casino. For this example, let us say that you are depositing £50.
  • Determine the percentage deposit bonus. This is the percentage that will be matched by the online casino. Often, it is 100%.
  • Determine the wagering requirements, which is the amount that you should bet to be able to withdraw your winnings. For this computation, let’s assume that the wagering requirement is 20x.
  • Determine the Game Contribution Percentage. If you are playing a slot game, this is often at 100%.
  • To identify the amount that you need to bet to withdraw the winnings, simply follow this formula: (Deposit + Bonus Amount) x Wagering Requirement x (100 / Game Contribution %). From this, it can be determined that you will need to bet a total of $2,000. This can be quite a lot of money. But, as they say, the higher the risk, the higher the return.

Final Verdict on Casino Bonus

Online casino bonuses are widely available across a huge range of games. We’ve given details of the main bonuses available and the benefits of each. Which bonus a player takes is entirely dependent on which games they’re interested in playing and whether they’re looking for that all-important welcome bonus or no deposit casino bonus to get you started. Different players are attracted by different things, which is why there are so many online casino bonuses on offer across so many sites. As we said earlier, once you’ve taken advantage of one online casino bonus, there’s usually another one readily available to you.

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