Bitcoin Video Casino Review

Bitcoin Video Casino is one of the pioneers of blockchain-based casinos. It started in 2012 as Bitcoin Video Poker, at a time when many companies shunned the digital currency. Bitcoin Video Casino was inspired by classic online casinos—retro graphics, a simple interface and blurry fonts.

Although Bitcoin Video Casino looks like a blast from the past, it features everything good about Bitcoin casinos in 2021. Read our review of the casino below. Also, learn how to play casino games on websites using crypto and how to claim bonuses.

Bitcoin Video Casino—How it Works

Bitcoin Video Casino has a pretty simple interface. There’s a menu showing you popular games on the website. And there’s a menu of the casino’s most popular games—slots, blackjack, video poker and dice to name a few.

Below the games’ menu, there’s another menu for checking recent bets made across different games by players at the casino. Then there’s a category for ‘My Games.’ This is a record of your most preferred games. After that, you can check ‘Big Wins’ from others and ‘Rare Wins’.

Creating an account at Bitcoin Video Casino is unbelievably easy. No email required—you get a unique link that acts as your unique ID. That means you must save this link and use it every time you want to access your account.

Creating a password is optional but recommended. You can also activate 2-Factor Authentication for added security. What’s more, you can set an email address for the withdrawal process. On the other hand, you can change your user name from a series of letters and numbers like ‘0da1b0c2eb’ to something more human and appealing.

100% Provably Fair Casino Games

Bitcoin Video Casino has seven types of games: Video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slots and dice. With each game, you receive a specific number of credits to play the game free. You receive 100 credits to share between video poker and dice and 1000 credits for table games.

Bitcoin Video Casino Games doesn’t feature games from regular software providers. That means there’s no Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n GO, BTG or Evolution Gaming. It also doesn’t feature fiat currencies like the dollar, so you need crypto to bet.

The beauty of the games at Bitcoin Video Casino is that they’re provably fair. The casino even helps you verify how you won or lost by showing you the server seed hash that determined your outcome. You can also change the client seed to reflect your favourite number.

If you need further clarification, you can click the green-coloured ‘verify’ that shows in your list of played games. It provides the data on how the server run client and server seeds to produce a win or loss. It also shows you actions you’ve taken in games like blackjack, whether you stood or hit before you won or lost.

Deposit Bitcoin and Win a Bonus

Playing casino games using free credit is great, but you don’t win real cash. If you’re lucky, you get more credit. You can use the money to have fun or experiment with new strategies. But if you want to win real crypto at Bitcoin Video casino, you have to make a deposit.

The deposit process is quick, safe and straightforward. Bitcoin Video Casino gives you an address to send Bitcoin. After the payment is completed, you can bet on any of the casino’s games for real cash. The minimum bet for any game is 0.0001BTC.

If you prefer to transact through altcoins and not Bitcoin, you have two choices: ZCash and Dash Coin. Bitcoin Video Casino uses three different websites for each of its crypto payment options. If you choose ZCash, you’ll play at a Zcash website owned by Bitcoin Video Casino. The same also applies for Dash Coin.

All the same, you get a bonus regardless of your chosen payment method. The casino doesn’t specify the amount you win. But you can be certain of receiving a bonus for your deposit. If you want more bonuses, visit the ‘Promotions’ section.

Bitcoin Video Casino has multiple promotions from time to time. For example, playing slots, keno and roulette attract rewards worth up to $2000 BTC. The money is shared among ten players with huge winners, all winning between $600 and $25.

99.5% Return to Player Payouts

When you play the games at Bitcoin Video Casino on credit or using real BTC, one thing becomes clear pretty quickly. They pay out at impressive rates.

  • Slots: 99.5%
  • Video Poker: 99.75%
  • Blackjack: 99.6%
  • Roulette: 99.5%
  • Craps: 99.8%
  • Keno: 99.5%
  • Dice: 99.5%

To provide some context, online slots at conventional casinos payout at 96% on average. Sure, some games payout higher than that. There are also numerous games with RTP rates as low as 88%. Payout rates are vital in online gambling because they influence your winning percentage.

You want games with high payout rates because they give you a high chance of winning. On the other hand, poor-paying games take you through more losses and fewer wins. Interestingly, all games at Bitcoin Video Casino have a progressive jackpot.

Usually, casino games with progressive jackpots have relatively unimpressive RTP rates. Take Mega Moolah from Microgaming as an example. It pays out at 88% without a jackpot and 94% when its progressive jackpot is applied.

By comparison, the slot at Bitcoin Video Poker pays at a 97.5% RTP without a jackpot and 99.5% with a progressive jackpot. Keno’s payout rate at this casino is also phenomenal. At some fiat-based casinos, Keno has a house edge of up to 40%. At Bitcoin Video, the game’s house edge is 9.5% and this comes down to 0.5% if you bet enough to get the jackpot.

Bitcoin Video Casino App

Contrary to popular belief, mobile gaming is as entertaining as PC gaming. Bitcoin Video Casino agrees, which is why it provides an android app to play its games. For iPhone and iPad players, the only option is to play games through the casino’s mobile website.

Using either the mobile website or native app delivers the same results—a smooth gaming experience. The only difference is that your mobile screen is small. Otherwise, you get the same games, bonuses and payment methods.

Bitcoin Video Customer Service

There are several ways to get customer service at Bitcoin Video Casino. The easiest option is to join the casino’s channel on Bitcoin talk Forum. This can help you receive assistance from fellow players at Bitcoin Video Casino.

Alternatively, you can email the casino at Or you could chat with the site’s admins on Telegram and Twitter. Bitcoin Video doesn’t feature a live chatbot, which is disappointing. However, it’s a top-rated casino on forums, means it provides reliable customer service.

Bitcoin Video Casino Pros and Cons


  • 5% payout rates
  • No registration
  • 100% fair games
  • Android app
  • Quick withdrawals


  • Not Licensed
  • No Fiat


Bitcoin Video Casino is a BTC-only casino established in 2012. It features classic graphics and a simple interface designed for ease of use. Registration is optional and you don’t even need to give out your email address. All you need is to save a link that gives you access to your balance. Overall, Bitcoin Video is a fun casino with a decent variety of high-paying games.

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